Moses Ma

Managing Partner
FuturLab Consulting

Moses is managing partner of FutureLab Consulting, and runs its blockchain lab. Also, he is a Venture Partner at SparkChain Capital, which focuses on blockchain investing, and is co-chair of the Verifiable News Initiative at the World Wide Web Consortium, which is developing emerging technology standards to address the global problem of fake news and its weaponization.

In the past, he’s been involved in the forefront of many exciting technologies – as a hit games designer he invented the category of networked games; he took an uncapitalized software startup and built it into the 97th largest, 7th fastest growing, and 11th most profitable in the country; and at the CommerceNet thinktank, he invented the concept of eMarkets and produced the B2B Big Bang conference which helped ignite the B2B eCommerce revolution.

He is also the author of several books, including the Blockchain Design Sprint, Soulful Branding, and Agile Innovation, available from John Wiley & Sons, publishers. He is currently co-authoring two new books, Financing Revolution and The Essential Blockchain: the twenty most important white papers to read, clarified and explained.

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